Our Team

Brendon McIntosh


Our Team - Brendon McIntosh - Koaka NZ

As well as sparking and establishing our Kōaka vision, Brendon is also vital in our day to day operations; taking pride in picking and packing your orders, ensuring they arrive safely and in a timely manner. 

After working as a Community Pharmacist for 6 years Brendon noticed the downfalls of our system and became frustrated at a framework that he believes doesn’t meet the needs of our Māori community.  

Brendon has a personal moonshot and strong desire for wanting to improve Māori health outcomes and so together with other Kōaka team members is developing a retreat program specifically catered for those struggling with chronic health disease and addictions. Kōaka collects 10% of all profits to invest into this retreat program which is currently in the development phase. 

"I firmly believe that as Māori, we should know ourselves, and be able to heal ourselves without the need to rely on a system that hasn’t been designed with our needs as a priority. I want us all to be a rangatira, not only in the community, but of ourselves."


Brad Lake


Koaka NZ - Our team - Brad Lake
Brad has the joint privilege of working on product and business development for Kōaka. When Brendon and Brad first founded Kōaka their vision of natural, healthy but effective body care was their mission.

Brads mission is to highlight and provide the benefits of hemp based skincare. With his background in the rural sector, growing a range which supports his dream of a flourishing organic hemp industry and healthy soils are at the core of his vision for Kōaka.

“We just need better choices that we can trust. Why can’t the everyday products we use actually enhance our environment and our health. Kōaka is our foundation to provide a range which we trust, to heal ourselves and leave a planet fit for our future whakapapa.”

Aleshia Johnson


Aleshia has a wide background and extensive knowledge in pharmacy and nutrition. She is a qualified Pharmacist and a Certified Nutrition Coach. 

Her role here at Kōaka as Kaiwhakahaere (General Manager) is to further our mission by sharing her knowledge of hemp and health with other pharmacists and the public.  

Aleshia’s personal mission is to create a happy and healthy world.

"I believe in hauora, the Māori philosophy of health and well being. Hauora encompasses the physical, mental and emotional, social connection, and spiritual dimensions of health. On a day to day basis if we could all take personal ownership (rangatiratanga) to prioritise quality sleep, nutrition and physical activity we would be in a much better position to honour the principles of hauora, to bask in the wonders of the world and to help others find their way."