Kōaka Testimonials

Take a look at what people are saying about Kōaka's hemp based bodycare. Hemp to heal the people, hemp to heal the Earth. We love to hear from customers! Please feel free to send us your reviews and comments - and thank you so much for choosing Kōaka!


Pharmacy Staff Reviews


"I had a gentleman in our pharmacy with the most severe facial eczema I'd ever seen. He had been using steroid creams that were prescribed by his doctor and was not seeing any improvement. He was willing to try anything tto help his situation so he left the pharmacy with a tub of Kōaka Healing Balm. Two weeks later he returned to buy another tub of Healing Balm. His eczema has improved so much, it was amazing to see the difference."

- Dianne, Taranaki


"I've recommended Kōaka Healing Balm for a range of conditions. I was really surprised to see how quickly it reduced stinging and inflammation of insect bites."

- Rachel, New Plymouth


Incredible results after treating face wound with Healing Balm.

Koaka NZ Testimonials - Hemp Healing Balm


Customer Reviews


"I used the healing balm on a blister which had broken the skin. Because of the place it was on my finger it could never heal properly. After using the balm for 24-hours the redness went and it started healing. I swear by the healing balm. I use it pretty much every day on my ring finger also as I get contact dermatitis and it keeps the irritation away by using the balm."

- Trudi, New Plymouth


"The hemp seed oil is one of the best I've used. 100% natural, made in NZ and very affordable. Highly recommend!"

- Naomi, Palmerston


Blister healed after just 24-hours of applying Healing Balm.

Koaka NZ - Customer Reviews - Testimonials


“Our family has just started using both the healing balm and the lip healer. We are really loving both products, in particular the healing balm. It’s ideal for itchy bites and cuts/grazes and we have found it wonderful for nappy rash on our daughter. We look forward to trying more products.”

- Cerise, New Plymouth


"Bathroom staple everyone should invest in (Hemp Seed Oil Moisturising Serum). I have the world's WORST chapped lips and it's like a magic healing potion. Also been using it on my new tattoo and it seems to work a treat on that too."

- Amber, Auckland


"I love this oil, it's my "go to". Thanks Kōaka!"

- Annabel, Timaru


Deep slice in hand treated with Healing Balm every night for just 12 days. 

Koaka Healing Balm Reviews - Testimonials


"Yesterday I got ridiculously sunburnt. I needed to put something on it last night. Reached for my Kōaka oil. Took the redness and heat out of it... Brilliant!"

- Anita, Christchurch


"I started using this for the psoriasis I had on my eyelids and then migrated to the rest of my face. Can honestly say it has changed my life! I've been using hydrocortisone for years with no prevail and such thin skin that would tear. Kōaka has been the only thing to keep my psoriasis away and eyelids free of pain! So thank you very much for formulating Kōaka."

- Beauty By Frost, Christchurch


"I just re-pierced my ears with my earring... It was sooo sore so I put heaps of Kōaka oil on my ears and it instantly stopped hurting?! So thankful!"

- Kerri, Christchurch


Perioral dermatitis treated with Kōaka Moisturising Serum twice daily for ten days.

Koaka NZ Hemp Seed Oil Natural Healing Dermatitis


"Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for this product. I've had a lot of issues with my face of late, redness, itchy, inflammation etc, and spent so much money trying different skincare ranges etc which just made it worse. Pharmacist in Hamilton sold me this on Tuesday and by Thursday I was back there thanking him, my face had cleared up so much, absolutely amazing, even he was surprised by the difference! Total convert"

- Jess, Hamilton


"It’s such a good product. It’s not like other oils that sit on top of my face, it gets absorbed into my skin very fast. Highly recommend"

- Kelly, Christchurch 


"I just wanted to say your natural deodorant is amazing!! I have just finished my first one after 4 months! Unreal! Talk about value for money. I love the fact that there is no alcohol to block pores and kill the microbiome within the armpit and no aluminium so there's no neurotoxins absorbing in through the skin. Wow! Big fan!"

- Aaron, Christchurch


Another case of perioral dermatitis treated with Kōaka Moisturising Serum. Patient used aqueous cream as a face wash and nothing else on skin over the course of 3 weeks. 

Koaka NZ Hemp Moisturising Serum Dermatitis


"Hey, I just want to let you know the oil has been working wonders for my skin! Love it thanks!!"

- Bella, Christchurch


"Best stuff ever, legit my lifesaver for these pimples!"

- Hannah, Christchurch


"I started using Koaka for dandruff problems and after the first couple of nights of rubbing it into my hair after showering, I noticed a significant difference in the amount of dandruff that has been reduced, I would 100% recommend this product, straight up is the bees knees"

- Joe, Christchurch