New Zealand Hemp and CBD Potential

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Recently we have received a lot of interest from our friends and customers wanting to know about Cannabidiol (more commonly known as CBD) and, if 
Kōaka as a brand will be offering CBD products in the future. 

Below is an update on the status in New Zealand and where the team at Kōaka currently sits on the matter.

As of April 1st 2020, CBD products are available as prescription only in New Zealand. This means you will need to make an appointment with a New Zealand Registered GP or Medical Practitioner to discuss the reasons why you need CBD and to determine whether it is right for you. If your doctor is satisfied that you meet the requirements and is comfortable in prescribing this for you, then they will write you a prescription, which you will need to take to the pharmacy to be filled. 

Speaking as someone from inside the dispensary, I can tell you that it is not currently common practice to be filling CBD scripts at this point in time. This could be down to one of many factors; the doctors discretion (not wanting to prescribe), lack of public awareness or due to the fact it can be a bit of a process to source the CBD products and it is currently a more expensive option. 

Our hope is that in the near future we will see a change in the current restrictions for CBD products available in New Zealand. Current global trends allow for the purchase of CBD products online and over the counter as a supplement, and we have seen success in the prescription of CBD overseas in some markets.

In New Zealand, enrolled voters have the opportunity to vote on the Cannabis Referendum on the same day as the New Zealand General Election on Saturday 19th September 2020, and we are hoping we will see a change in the current restrictions for CBD products in NZ.

Looking to the future, New Zealand grown hemp is the best option for CBD products for our country:

  • Hemp is the perfect plant to be making clean CBD products from. Unlike marijuana hemp contains negligible amounts of the psychoactive compound THC (<0.3%). Allowing for a natural source of THC free CBD oil.
  • Support local by purchasing New Zealand owned, grown and made products.
  • There is a huge amount of discrepancy and mislabeled CBD products in the overseas market. 

Studies have been carried out to compare what CBD products are listing on their label vs what is actually contained in these products. In some cases up to 80% of products were inaccurately labeled. 

  • Claiming higher doses of CBD than what is actually in the product
  • Claiming any CBD, when there is actually none in the product
  • Claiming lower doses of CBD than what is actually in the product 
  • Claiming THC free, when the product contained more than the legal amount

Kōaka sits in a strong position to be able to supply New Zealanders with quality controlled THC free and accurate claims on CBD products. We have the supply of New Zealand grown hemp, the knowledge within our team and the means to produce CBD for our country. 

When the time is right, and when the laws allow we are looking forward to bringing a locally owned and sourced CBD product to life for New Zealanders. 

If you’d like to stay up to date with more information on the availability of CBD in New Zealand and updates from Kōaka on product availability sign up to our newsletter database and we’ll be in touch. 

Be sure to vote in the upcoming referendum, be sure to support local, be patient, and keep your wits about you!

In the meantime, we strongly advise that you do not seek to purchase any CBD products online. It is currently illegal to do this and you will not be able to guarantee the quality and accuracy of the product you are buying.


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